Mount Lai De-Puffing JADE Facial Roller MINI

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Xiyuan jade is a stone with balancing properties that retains its coolness for long periods of time. Jade roller can offer a multitude of benefits and enhance your beauty rituals. It reduces facial puffiness, promotes drainage from the face, and relieves facial and jaw tension. Pair the Jade Facial Roller with a serum or facial oil for better absorption.

The De-Puffing Jade Facial Roller Mini has a singular small stone on an easy-to-hold handle, making it the perfect size to throw into a bag and take on the go. It comes in a hand-stamped canvas pouch that doubles as a place to store the beauty tool. It’s great to use while traveling, after the gym, and anytime your face needs a quick pick-me-up.

Solutions for:
– Puffiness
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Loss of firmness and elasticity

Due to natural variations in stone, every jade roller is unique in pattern and color. The jade is removable from the handles for easier cleaning. Simply pop the stones out from the handle and wash with a gentle soap. If squeaking occurs, add a few drops of oil to the ends of the roller.